take a deep

"Hey - This place is cool. Besides being a standard upmarket cafe, this also has some great chinese and fusion food.I found the service to be excellent and the decor is Indthalia after all.Chick place, Check it out "

"This restaurant just seems to be going places... I went the other day and now they have venezulean, lother latino and french food.. besides Italian, and all the delicacies that were anywhere there... Wat i even felt good about that.. "

"Great and Inventive Fusion Food !! The decor is very modern...The coffee shop is for hip hop type chicks...Lot of Tolly fair skin !! The restaurnat plays soft melodies whereas the the coffee shop is for folks like us - Led Zep, Floyd, Metallica, jackson.. Thye... "

"Pretty cool place for an evening to night handout in Calcutta and they will play all ur requests even u ask the staff for a perticular worldspace channel... not easy to find in Calcutta - mor eso india...They should open up more outlets "